Adventures of the Greatest
Dear children. Now let me tell you a nice tale about one of the legendary kings of c64 art...
Once upon a time, in a faraway land there was born The Sarge which was one of

THE GREATEST (martial) artists of our beloved mother scene.

Of course his real mother was (as rumours says) beautiful kind, sympathetic and generous


When he was about to born, there were some nasty complications, so he had to spent first days of his life in


His childhood was full of adventures and plays. And his good parents always told him nice tales about dragons and fairies, where goodness and kindness has always eliminated (and EXECUTED) the badness and evil. If everything went allright. (which didn't sometimes).

Sarge was a very good student. Very active, always wanting to know more.
He simply loved knowledge and also the ministry of education in the kingdom where he grew up.

As he grew up and his ranking of values started to crystalize.
He found out that he loves fluffy little four legged animals called - cats.

As much as he loved cats, he hated the dogs with their silly barking around
and pissing around the corners of poor buildings.

Beeside the cats he also loved girls, and when he was 20 he fell in love to one.

She was very energetic and educated. She became a pilot and he a mariner.

In future, It could be such a beautiful pair, though it wasn't. Not because any of them was so ugly,
but simply she fell in love to another guy - also pilot. (Starship Troopers TM)

After a year or two. The war in minigolf started. The emperor Shut-The-Damn decided to conquer
some nice small country somewhere in the middle east. The Sarge was first time in action

and of course he saved the world of hateful tyran...

Sarges fame grew up. And he became very skilled in all kinds of special martial (computer) art techniques. He was simply great and cool and nobody dared to fight with him. The C64 (a special oxygen-nitrogen-argon gas cooled thingy) became his favourite weapon - small, fast and reliable.

That was the time, when he joined forces of special commando called

As he was only freshman,  in the begining he got just the special battle motocycle,
which should have been used for special missions.

After a month Sarge got a chance to show his abilities. He got the orders to eliminate barbaric creature called the Cattle Cruiserine. It's not that hard to guess what happened with that female caricature of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The leaders of Triad saw that Sarge is an excellent agent, and gave him more freedom.
He got a special car and another task to do.

This time he had to eliminate the creature called Eddie (de lux?). Eddie was a great warrior and if he had used the motorcycle helmet, he would be still alive and The Sarge would probably kick the bucket. This didn't happen and so, Eddie,  whose brain wasn't wery firmly connected to his head and felt off and disconected after few decent bangs on head with c64, was defeated. The Sarge again triumphed.

His rank in the crew grew up and finally he got a battle spacecraft named familiarly The Skywalker.

One of the last big enemies he met before he retired was Doctor Ashtray. Dr. Ashtray lived on a specialy improved imperial battleship - Greenfrog. He wanted to conquer the good old earth (what else?) but didn't count with The Sarge which was just visitin' his grandmother living  on "Orbyitalnyij Komplex (of deficiency?) Mir". Dr. Asthray actually raised up the shields and started to aim his huge cannons on "Orbyitalnyij Komplex" when Sarge spotted him.

Our hero didn't hesitate and started to fire from all his weapons. Dr. Ashtray was of course too surprised to defend himself up so he took all his equipment and escaped nobody-knows-where...

After few years and months of active duty, Sarge decided to put his c64 into hibernation, but we all good children know that in far future in a faraway land, he will melt the ice of forgetfulness and return to his beloved tool, the best weapon he ever held in his hands.

The End
Created by CreaMD. 1998, All Rights All right.
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The story, characters and incidents mentioned in this story are entirely fictional.
The Sarge is a trademark of The Sarge of Triad.

PS: The pictures were all taken from collection of demos by Triad available on ftp://utopia.hacktic.nl/pub/c64
In the next update we will add the rest of pictures which are in the The Sarge Collection released by Nostalgia.