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Authors and Contributors...
CreaMD's photo from June, 4th 1997 Havran's 2 years old photo.

CreaMD of DMAgic is responsible for design. Havran / Studio Style is responsible for Javascript code and html. Deekay of Crest is responsible for color quality of all new conversions because we use his version of c64 color palette. He also works as art consultant and he also got that great idea of ZOOM in the Best of Party Compos.

We would like to thank to all Commodore 64 painters for their great works and we wish them a lot of inspiration for their future works. Also thanks to graphicians who sent us the comments to their pictures.

C64 Picture gallery is full of cute little pictures, drawn on Commodore 64 computer. Click here
to see the description of graphic modes. Most of pictures were converted with my own IFLI, FLI and DRAZLACE showers. The newest pictures have been converted using CCS64, and FRODO-SC emulators.

We are looking for your help. Especially we need every file from parties held before year 1994. Also we need complete collections of entries of every party because f.e. polish dudes sometimes don't spread all the stuff released on their parties. Send the pictures in d64 or .prg format to Havran.

In past we were looking for a new adress for our gallery. Whatever happened we hope we will be satisfied with speed and relialibity of our new provider. In past we got an interesting offer from Jim Brain, maintainer of Caboom, and main editor of C=Hacking, thanks Jim. Also thanks to Stephen Judd for same reason.

Gallery can be viewed in any browser since version 4.0, in resolution 800*600 High Color (16 bit). Versions 3.0 should work too, but Netscape 3.0 will have problems with bitmap background in tables. Amiga browsers do have problems with javascript, so we will try to solve this problem in the next update.

I love this mag!The disk magazine
One of the best
disk-magazines on c64.
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for C64 related WWW pages Maintained by Jim Brain. Temporarily down!
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It was?!?
One of the best C64 demo groups in Slovakia.
MJK's homepage
contains hundreds of Scener's addies, links, and a lot of useful informations. E.g. Sceners Address List.
GFX coverting tool
This page seems to be forgotten by it's authors.
Project 64Archive of C64 related E-Texts
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One of the greatest ideas for C64 related site.

German magazine for C64 users. German magazine
for C64 and C128 fans.
When the UK version will be out?

- a code storage facility, you'll find a lot of useful knowledge stored here. Musicians check the newest Tunesmith.

SPECIAL THANX TO: Ed Adame, DeeKay - for palette, Stephen L. Judd and Jim Brain, Jeffrey L. Jones - For the review of A Brief Description of GFX Modes in LOADSTAR letter, for the grammatical corrections.